A look at the object oriented language sather

The keyword "is" separates function head and body.

The Programming Language Lagoona - A Fresh Look at Object-Orientation.

Arguments to call are passed as a tuple, here [x]. Expressions operating on such types eg. Tuples[ edit ] Tuples types may be viewed as a simple form of class, providing only attributes and the corresponding "setter" procedure. Only then can the compiler correctly assume that the formal undispatched parameters of a method have the type that is declared in the method head.

Sather programs consist of collections of modules called "classes" which encapsulate well-defined abstractions. CLOS classes do not encapsulate functionality and the strong reliance on method combination makes it difficult at times to understand exactly which pieces of code are being executed at any given time.

Although this may put more burden on the type-checker, parameterized classes can be used to model open modules mixins some of whose operations are only 20 defined in combinations with other classes in the different descendents.

Most of the attributes also allow access to clients, here only: In contrast to this, a subtype polymorphism has different definitions for different types with either the same signature or in some sense compatible signatures.

Since character objects are usually 8 bits and strings are represented by pointers, the two kinds of stack will have different layouts in memory. Prentice Hall, New York, The type of this implicitly first argument here argO is used to lookup a method defined in the class of that object.

In Sather, the conditional statement will only accept boolean values and this kind of mistake is not possible.

At the same time it can contribute to inefficiency and lack of robustness because it incurs lookup overheads on function calls and hinders the compiler determining the exact type of objects Unlike actor languages, multiple threads can execute in one object.

Once routines[ edit ] A routine can be declared "once" with the keyword once replacing the more common do to indicate that it will only be executed on the first call.

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This is because programmers are willing to put more care and thought into writing and debugging code which will be used in many projects. Eiffel and Sather code compile into portable C and efficiently links with existing C code. The class is the major unit of decomposition.

The different approaches taken by the languages described in this paper have evolved to fulfill different needs. It has no predefined operations but can be extended and is restricted to non-dispatched calls.

This is useful in particular for contracts, as in an invariant clause that expresses that all elements of a list are positive: IT a variable declaration directly specifies a class name as in a: An appropriate declaration of foreign functions is thus rewarded in Sather.

In Eiffel, such types are ca. The argument specializers of methods may instead associate a single method to a combination of several classes.

List of object-oriented programming languages

Unfortunately, these memory management issues often cut across natural abstraction boundaries. This problem is especially severe if the choice of display interface must be made at runtime. More information on pSather is available at: There is a tension between subtypes and inheritance.

Only recently a special newsgroup continued a mailing list that existed for several years in the CLOS community.Lagoona is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language based on Oberon. Lacking the class construct found in traditional object-oriented languages, Lagoona separates many of the concerns.

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Sather is an object oriented language which designed to be simple, efficient, safe, and non-proprietary. It aims to meet the needs of modern research groups and to foster the development of a large, freely available, high-quality library of efficient well-written classes for a wide variety of computational tasks.

Eiffel is an ISO-standardized object-oriented programming language, based on a conscious design methodology, intended for the production of quality software with a particular emphasis on extendibility, reusability, reliability and programmer productivity. With roots going back toEiffel is a mature language with development environments available from multiple dominicgaudious.neted by: Bertrand Meyer.

SATHER The Sather Programming Language S.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sather

ather is an object-oriented lan­ guage which aims to be simple, efficient, interactive, safe, and non­. SATHER The Sather Programming Language S. ather is an object-oriented lan­ guage which aims to be simple, efficient, interactive, safe, and non­.

A look at the object oriented language sather
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