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Charlie and Jasper engage in some friendly, masculine bonding. Charlie proud of his dad. Jasper tells him that the girl is Laura Wishart.

Setting the scene — Jasper taking Charlie to his special place in the bush Discovery of the body Charlie reaction and thoughts Chapter 2: Wes and two other neighbours stop them.

Eliza and Charlie grow closer and the book ends with Charlie telling Eliza how he feels about her as Eliza's house burns, an act that the text suggests had something to do with Eliza. Silvey begins to establish the central mystery of the novel—who killed Laura?

This shows that Charlie, even in the depths of his trauma, has huge respect for Jasper. Jasper urges him to be careful, and his words encourage Charlie to find new strength, which he uses to carry the body the rest of the way. Jasper cannot bear to look. Charlie stands there shocked and stunned wondering how this could have happened.

Though we never get a direct portrait of Laura in this novel, we get a lot of information from other characters about the kind of person she was. Jasper offers Charlie a cigarette.

Jasper Jones Summary & Study Guide

Charlie thinks that if it were anybody other than Jasper, he would leave immediately. Silvey will study and question the accuracy of these appearances throughout his novel. Jasper might be right, he thinks—maybe the police would arrest Jasper, and maybe Mad Jack is responsible.

He wonders what Laura was doing that afternoon—perhaps spending time with her sister, or walking around the town. The sight of Jasper collapsed on the ground makes Charlie weep. When he was only 19, Silvey completed his first novel, entitled Rhubarb.

Jasper shrugs and lights a cigarette for himself. They find footprints leading back the way Jasper usually took Laura, and also some trampled grass that might suggest that Laura tried to escape before she died. Charlie denies that this will happen, but Jasper points out that even Charlie immediately thought of Jasper when he saw the dead body.

This shows that Charlie, even in the depths of his trauma, has huge respect for Jasper. In only a few pages, Silvey has established one idea of what kind of novel this will be, and then established a completely different idea.

Jasper takes a swig, and offers Charlie the bottle. Silvey begins to establish the central mystery of the novel—who killed Laura?Jasper Jones A knock at a boy’s window changes two lives forever. Directed by Rachel Perkins (Bran Nue Day, Radiance), Jasper Jones () is an.

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In the short video of Craig Silvey discussing his novel, he told us that the character of Jasper Jones came to him one night and once he had worked out his character, his era, where he was from and so on, he then referenced (in his mind) some of the books he read when he was young.

Need help with Chapter 1 in Craig Silvey's Jasper Jones? Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. Jasper Jones Chapter 1 Summary & Analysis from LitCharts |. It is Jasper Jones, the town’s mixed race ‘bad boy’ and all purpose scapegoat, who has come to ask for harlie’s help.

Together Charlie and Jasper attempt to unravel. Welcome to the LitCharts study guide on Craig Silvey's Jasper Jones. Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. Jasper Jones takes place in Australia in the late s, shortly before the Apollo 11 moon landing (which occurred on July 20,

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Jasper jones study guide
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