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A segment is a part or activity of an organization about which managers would like cost, revenue, or profit data. A sales and marketing B human resources C finance and accounting D manufacturing and production 4 Which of the following would NOT be used as an input for an information system?

Investors owners and creditors such as suppliers and bankers are external users. D modernize their information value chain. B differentiate their service. C there is a mechanism in place to enforce FIP principles. The business uses its assets in carrying out activities such as production and sales.

An account that is affected affected by an accounting transaction is either either debited or credited Managerial accounting hilton quiz1 answers an amount that is reflected in transaction depending on the nature of account and the rule applicable to it.

C It helps reduce internal management costs. They not only report and analyze financial measures, but also nonfinancial measures of process performance and corporate social performance.

C invest in complementary assets. C Verizon's Web-based digital dashboard. September 6, Score: A variable costs can best be described as: Under the double-entry system, the dual two-sided effect of each transaction is recorded in appropriate accounts. B transaction processing systems.

As per basic accounting equation each transaction must affect two or more accounts to keep the basic accounting equation in balance, means for each transaction, debits must equal credits. Instead, they elect a board of directors to run the corporation for their benefit.

B the IT value chain. The double-entry system also helps ensure the accuracy of the recorded amounts and helps to detect errors.

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B tailoring products to the client. D any software of any complexity will have errors. Accounting gives an idea of the allocation allocation of funds of an organization.

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Bookkeeping usually involves only the recording of economic events in other words it is the process of recording financial transactions and keeping financial records. Examples of business segments include product lines, customer groups segmented by age, ethnicity, gender, volume of purchases, etc.

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B technology, people, culture, and structure. B ripple effect raising new ethical, social, and political issues. A cost that changes, either up or down, depending on the number of units produced A cost that remains the same regardless of the number of units produced A cost that increases with the number of units produced Previous 2 answers: These skills include managing risks and implementing strategy through planning, budgeting and forecasting, and decision support.

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Other assets such as inventories goods held for saleland, buildings, and equipment are non-monetary, physical items. Once O nce a company identifies economic events, it records those events in order to provide a history of its financial activities.

The three basic forms of business organization are the proprietorship, the partnership, and the corporation. A managerial B governmental C social D organizational 9 From a business perspective, raw data is transformed systematically during various stages, transforming it into valuable information, in a process called A the information value chain.

It will give an indication of any mal practices and frauds if any have occurred during the allocation of funds. The owner proprietor takes all the profits or losses of the business and is personally liable for all debts of the business.

D is a government agency regulating the use of customer information.

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Indicate how the following business transactions affect the basic accounting equation. They most commonly deal with the concepts of fixed and variable costs. The equality of debits and credits provides the basis for the double-entry system of recording transactions.

This principle requires that the activities of the entity be kept separate and distinct from the activities of its owner and all other economic entities. It means that management accountants should maintain an unwavering commitment to ethical values while using their knowledge and skills to influence decisions that create value for organizational stakeholders.

C has established technical guidelines for ensuring privacy. C In which geographical locations are our products garnering the most sales? Why or why not?

A system quality B quality of life C accountability and control D property rights and obligations 53 What legal mechanism protects the owners of intellectual property from having their work copied by others?Cours e Managerial Accounting Test Quiz 1: Chapter 1 (20 points) Question 1 2 out of 2 points Kushman Combines, Inc.

has $20, of ending finished goods inventory as of December 31, If beginning finished goods inventory was $10, and cost of goods sold was $50, how much would Kushman report for cost of goods manufactured? ACC Managerial Accounting. Quiz 1 Supplemental Questions. Please complete each question in the space provided or attach a supplemental schedule with your answer.

Each problem is worth 15 points. Name: uses the weighted-average method of accounting for units and costs.

Accounting Quiz1. Legal Aspects of Business Digest. Hilton Hotels: Brand Differentiation Through Customer Relationship management Product Code: HBS 15 29 Customer Relationship management in Services 7. Credit analysis and Credit Scoring and appraisal of Retail Loans Credit Scoring Questions & Answers rbi.

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Loans against. answers are correct or incorrect as you work through each problem). You have three Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4.

E, P On a smaller scale, managerial accounting can be used to answer such 1. read the. Managerial Accounting and Cost Concepts Solutions to Questions Managers carry out three major activities in an organization: planning, directing and motivating, and controlling.

Planning involves establishing a basic strategy, selecting a course of action, and specifying how the. Page 1 of 5 Gleim Exam Questions and Explanations Updates to Cost/Managerial Accounting 10th Edition, 2nd Printing March NOTE: Text that should be deleted is displayed with a line through the text.

Managerial accounting hilton quiz1 answers
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