Writing a birth plan nct

Definitely agree you can't plan too much when having a baby as u never know what's going to happen! I am very anxious about tearing as I feel my previous stitches were very tight. I would not like to have groups of medical students involved in the birth. Please do her nursing assessment in our room.

I would like to use the water birth pool for 1st stage and maybe the 2nd if all is well. A better plan would be to use a birthing bar with the head of the bed up and the foot of the bed down. If you do not agree with a policy or procedure, you should discuss it with your health-care provider.

They might view your list as being too demanding or as increasing certain risks. TENS machine — this emits electrical impulses which some women feel help to block pain if used during early labour. This procedure is done through your vagina and cervix using an instrument that looks alarmingly like a knitting needle.

Discussing and understanding your birth plan can help you feel more confident as the birth approaches, allowing you to focus on supporting your partner and embracing the experience of becoming a dad and fatherhood.

Click below for detailed information: Would you be willing to have an episiotomy? This plan is a reflection of my wishes for the birth but is in no way inflexible.

Please do not give me any medications without my consent. Please use a spinal block. Pacifiers are fine unless baby is having trouble with latch, in which case I will request no pacifier.

At a glance A birth plan is a useful guide for the midwives assisting you with your birth It outlines how you would like things to pan out during your baby's birth You can always change your mind when you are in labour A birth plan is a useful guide for the midwives helping you with your birth, and also for your birth partner, as they will probably be the person speaking to the midwives and doctors on your behalf, and keeping you focussed as your baby is born.

Dads-to-be: the birth plan and pain relief

If you don't want this, say so. Dads can help with numerous things at a home birth. You may find you want to change your mind about something closer to your due date. Ready to write your own birth plan?

How do you want to feed your baby? Who will be present Mobility during labour Coping strategies, such as birth positions, massage and breathing that you may have practised as a couple in antenatal classes What to do if intervention is required Who will hold the baby and cut the cord Breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact Do you want the baby cleaned before being handed to you?

If you don't want your breastfed baby to be given a bottle, then say so.

Your pregnancy and baby guide

Design your birth plan with a positive focus. This won't harm your baby, but may cause you some discomfort. Would you prefer an epidural or general anaesthetic if you need a Caesarean Most caesareans are done with an epidural, which means you're conscious throughout and can hold your baby straight away.

Some things you may want to think about: Nothing is set in stone. Advice will be welcome. I presented in precipitous delivery with my 3rd child and I almost delivered him while hanging on the handrail in the triage bathroom.NCT antenatal teacher Gillian Fletcher suggests mums-to-be think about the following points when writing up a birth plan.

‘A birth plan helps you and your partner decide what you do and don't want during labour. It will also help you communicate better with the medical team.

Writing a birth plan can be a shared responsibility. A dad-to-be can help by discussing what their partner wants when it comes to labour and birth, including pain relief. This article includes information on writing a birth plan for home and hospital births covering.

What is a birth plan? Tips for writing a birth plan; What should a birth plan include?

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Compare your birth options to see if the labour ward, birth centre or home birth is the best choice for you. NCT vs NHS antenatal classes – find out what to expect from paid-for antenatal classes. A birth plan is a simple, clear, one-page statement of your preferences for the birth of your child.

Providing a copy of the plan for everyone directly involved in the birth will help them better understand what is happening and give them the opportunity to resolve issues before the big day.

Writing a birth plan: 10 essential tips from a pediatrician and mom of 5 When a laboring mom arrives at the hospital with a birth plan, nurses often roll their eyes and smirk, especially if it is a check-off-the-boxes and fill-in-the-blanks birth plan off a web site.

A birth plan is an outline of how you would like things to go during your baby's birth, including your preferences on pain relief, positions in labour, and your thoughts on interventions, such as the use of forceps or ventouse.

Writing a birth plan nct
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